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OmniCel batteries are in the desert with the U.S. military, while across the globe we are on state highways in electronic toll tags. We are both in the ocean to warn of a tsunami and running with the pack in the Iditarod. We are inside homes powering smoke detectors and in businesses providing reliable energy to computer backup systems. OmniCel batteries can be found in all places.

An American company with state of the art facilities in China, OmniCel Batteries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of primary lithium batteries. We guarantee fresh, high quality lithium replacement batteries for all of your personal and business electronics.   

Personal Applications Include:

Alarm and Security Devices | Automotive Electronics | Carbon Monoxide Detectors | Communication Devices | Dog Collars | Medical Devices | Memory Backup | Music and Audio Devices | Personal Electronics  | Smoke Detectors | Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems | Tracking and Telemetry Systems

Business / Industrial Applications Include:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) | Aerospace Electronics | Alarm and Security Devices | Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Systems | Automotive Electronics | Communications Systems | Medical Systems | Memory Backup
Military Electronics | Oceanographic Systems | Oil and Gas Exploration Applications
Professional Electronics | Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) | Tollgate Systems | Tracking and Telemetry System | Utility Metering Applications

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OmniCel Lithium Battery Features:

Extensive Shelf Life
OmniCel lithium battery offers prolonged storage with a proven shelf life of 10 years when stored at normal room temperature.

Infinitely Reliable
OmniCel lithium battery provides stable output voltage as well as steady discharge performance and high reliability and safety throughout the operating life of the cell.

Environmentally Safe
With a hermetically sealed structure, an OmniCel lithium battery is environmentally friendly and pollutant free.

Increased Voltage
OmniCel lithium battery is a significant power source offering 3.6 volts.

Quick Pulse-Discharge
OmniCel lithium battery provides instantaneous power and is suitable for multiplied or heavy current pulse applications.

Wide Temperature Range
OmniCel lithium battery operates within a temperature range of -60ºC to +85ºC.

Stainless Steel Container
OmniCel lithium battery is made with 100% stainless steel components to eliminate rust, corrosion, and magnetic compatibility issues with equipment performance.

Elevated Energy Density
OmniCel lithium batteries provide high energy density relative to other primary cells.
OmniCel is ISO9001 certified and also recognized by UL, UN, CE, and CCC.

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